• Name: Baby's Firsts
  • Type: iOS App
  • Company: Rade | Eccles
  • Client: Hallmark
  • Year: 2013

Every parent wants to remember all the amazing firsts that happen in baby’s first year—the first smile, bath time, holidays, moments with special family members... but most parents don’t have the time it takes to complete a traditional baby book or scrap book.

Baby’s Firsts prompts parents with developmentally- and seasonally- timed reminders to capture moments and milestones that they’ll want to keep and share. All they have to do is grab quick snapshots with their iPhone.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy


Shaun Williams: iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy

John Radcliff: iOS Engineering

Igor Bond: QA

Hallmark: UX Design, Graphic Design