• Name: Connections
  • Type: iOS and Android Apps
  • Company: Cox Automotive
  • Client: Autotrader
  • Year: 2015–2017

Connections is a mobile app that puts automotive insights in reach. It combines real time local consumer behavior with local market metrics to help guide local marketing decisions. For the first time, dealers can quickly understand which of their cars are driving the most online activity, and they can immediately access cross-shopping behaviors for consumers. AutoTrader customers will now have cutting edge, actionable, market insights along with the ability to manage their advertising and account information.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, Mobile Strategy


Leban Hyde: Primary UX Design, UX Architecture

Annalisa Recio: UX Management, UX Architecture

Airess Morris: UX Design

Trygve Andersen: Mobile Strategy

Lief Ashley: iOS Engineering

Chris Logan: Android Engineering

Tanbir Haider: QA

Patryk Symchych: QA

Ji Bae: Project Management

Drew Wilkinson: Product Ownership

Brad Goldman: Product Ownership

Jade Terreberry: Product Ownership

Tom Gage: Product Ownership

Julian Windfield: Product Ownership