• Name: KBB Instant Cash Offer
  • Type: iOS and Android Apps
  • Company: Cox Automotive
  • Client: Kelley Blue Book
  • Year: 2016–2017

This app allows Participating Dealers to generate new and review existing Kelley Blue Book(SM) Instant Cash Offers. Participating Dealers can use this tool to conveniently generate and edit Offers for walk-in traffic and for existing inventory. Scan or enter the vehicle’s VIN and input its options and condition to generate an Instant Cash Offer. Once you have verified the car’s options and condition, the customer can sell their car to you or use the Offer toward the purchase of a new vehicle.

This was an iniative to re-architect and re-design the user experience for an existing app to go along with a rewrite of the app. When I brought the first draft of the design to the Kelley Blue Book stakeholder board, their response was: “Wow! This is the user experience we always wanted, but we didn't think it was possible.”

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, Mobile Strategy


Adam Hemphill: UX Design

Airess Morris: UX Design

Annalisa Recio: UX Architecture

Trygve Andersen: Mobile Strategy

Sean Bishop-O'Byrne: iOS Engineering

Sanjay Bal: Android Engineering

Servando Guaderrama: QA

Paul Diehl: QA

Ji Bae: Project Management

Alexandra Chastain: Project Management

Kelsay Cox: Product Ownership