• Name: QiNotes
  • Type: Web and iPad Apps
  • Company: Rade | Eccles
  • Client: BPS Technologies
  • Year: 2013–2014

QiNotes (chee-notes) is an iPad-based electronic health record app made for acupuncturists by acupuncturists. Whether in a coffee shop, in the clinic, or at home, QiNotes is ready to go. All of the relevant Chinese-medicine-specific information acupuncturists need to track is provided in an easy and intuitive format.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy


Adam Hemphill: UX Design, UX Architecture, Graphic Design

Shaun Williams: iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy

John Radcliff: iOS Engineering

Stephen Walcher: Web Development

Igor Bond: QA