• Name: Roundabout
  • Type: Universal iOS App
  • Company: Rade | Eccles
  • Client: C of Apps
  • Year: 2013

RoundAbout turns the power of writing history over to the user. Create and discover unique locations, fascinating stories and captivating histories around you or while traveling the country.

- Find completely unique points of interest around you or anywhere in the country.

- Create a point of interest anywhere and tell the story as only you know it.

- Upload images, audio or video to any point of interest.

- Contribute to an existing point of interest by writing a description or uploading media.

- Rate and write a review of an existing point of interest.

- Post your story, photo or video of an existing point of interest and add your unique perspective.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy, Graphic Design


Adam Hemphill: UX Design, UX Architecture, Graphic Design

Shaun Williams: iOS Engineering, Mobile Strategy

John Radcliff: iOS Engineering

Igor Bond: QA