• Name: SnapLot
  • Type: iOS and Android Apps
  • Company: Cox Automotive
  • Client: HomeNet
  • Year: 2016–2017

SnapLot provides a simple-to-use image capture solution. Photos taken on the lot are wirelessly uploaded to HomeNet's Inventory Online platform and distributed to advertising sites, decreasing time to market and increasing vehicle turn.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, Mobile Strategy


Adam Hemphill: UX Design, UX Architecture

Annalisa Recio: UX Management

Julien Parouty: Mobile Strategy, Engineering Management

Peter Hornsby: iOS Engineering

Jim Nichols: iOS Engineering

Tony Dong: Android Engineering

Minh Nguyen: Android Engineering

John Trahan: QA

Shubhra Vedanti: QA