• Name: Tracksuit
  • Type: Design System
  • Company: Cox Automotive
  • Client: Internal
  • Year: 2015–2017

Tracksuit is Cox Automotive's design system that covers desktop, responsive web, and native mobile for their retail software products. It is part of an iniative to bring a common user experience to all of the dealer-facing tools and products from their retail business units including Dealertrack, VinSolutions, vAuto, Xtime, and HomeNet as well as Dealer.com and Autotrader.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, Mobile Strategy, UX Evangelism


Andrew Keym: UX Management, UX Design, UX Architecture, Graphic Design, CSS

Jeffrey Pierce: UX Direction, UX Design, UX Architecture, CSS

Miguel Molina: UX Design, UX Architecture

Annalisa Recio: UX Design, UX Architecture

Leban Hyde: UX Design

Thomas Thrasher: UX Design

Carlos Arellano: UX Design

Lars Hacking: UX Architecture