• Name: Virtual Reality
  • Type: Immersive Displays
  • Company: Fraunhofer & ISU
  • Client: Various
  • Year: 1995-2003

Virtual worlds, location-based entertainment, architectural visualization, interactive design, and virtual storytelling. These are projects from my time as a virtual reality researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication (formerly GMD) and Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Application Center (VRAC). Industry partners and clients included Siemens AG, GlaxoSmithKlein plc. (GSK), Kunstmuseum Bonn, Beethoven-Haus Museum Bonn, Joschka Fischer, André Heller, ERCOM, Beat Zoderer, Vertigo Systems GmbH, and RMH New Media GmbH.

My Responsibilities

UX Direction, UX Design, Interaction Design, 3D Modeling, VR Development


Martin Suttrop: UX Design, 3D Modeling, Interaction Design, VR Development

Terry Welsh: UX Design, 3D Modeling, Interaction Design, VR Development

Christian DaSilva and other student interns: UX Design, 3D Modeling

Stephen Barrass: VR Development

Gerhard Eckel: VR Development

Frank Hasenbrink: VR Development

Dr. Gernot Heisenberg: VR Development

Ernst Kruijff: VR Development

Alex Lechner: VR Development

Uli Lechner: VR Development

Aeldrik Pander: VR Development

Jürgen Wind: VR Development